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Smeg Appliances


Smeg is an Italian appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in northern Italy. For over 60 years, Smeg appliances have been widely regarded as tasteful and elegant products which combine effortlessly to compliment your mood and style - thanks to Smeg's partnerships with world famous architects.

The Smeg Group, thanks to a corporate culture which dictates that maximum emphasis be placed on product quality, technology and design, is consequently known all over the globe as one of the key representatives of “Made in Italy” standards.


Smeg Small Appliances

Small Appliances

Smeg's range of small appliances take style and design to a new level. With their 50's inspired aesthetics you can bring a true retro feel to the kitchen. The collection includes toasters, kettles, stand mixers and blenders, designed with usability in mind. Food preparation will be easy, enjoyable and sophisticated.

Smeg Toasters


Toasting bread and bagels has never been easier than with Smeg's two and four slice models, featuring extra wide slots. Choose from six toasting levels, four settings (defrost, reheat, cancel and a bagel option), and a range of features – an illuminated dial, a touch release removable crumb tray in stainless steel, a built-in cord wrap, and anti-slip feet. You can also find optional accessories at your local Euronics store, including sandwich racks and bun warmers.

Smeg Kettles


Smeg kettles have an iconic design with an impressive capacity of 1.7 litres. A soft opening lid, 360° swivel base, automatic shut off at 100°C and anti-slip feet also make the design safe and functional. They're beautifully crafted in stainless steel, and built to last with removable and washable lime scale filters.

Smeg Stand Mixers

Stand Mixers

With 800 W of power, a direct motor drive, 4.8 litre stainless steel bowl, and 10 step variable speed control (including soft start), Smeg's stand mixer packs a punch. The design is functional with a front attachment port, planetary mixing action and anti-slip feet. The mixer comes with a recipe book, stainless steel wire whisk, aluminium flat beater and dough hook, as well as a plastic splash guard. There are optional accessories available at your local Euronics store, including a three-piece pasta cutting/making set, multi-food grinder and spaghetti cutter.

Smeg Blenders


Smeg's 800 W blender will blitz your food to perfection. Choose from 1-4 speed settings up to 18,000 max RPM, and functions including soft start, ice crush, smoothie and pulse. The blender has a 1.5 litre lightweight BPA-free Tritan™ jug, 45 ml measuring cup, and detachable stainless steel blades for easy cleaning.

Smeg Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines

Make coffee in style with Smeg's Italian inspired, ECF01 Espresso Coffee Machine. Whether you fancy an espresso, cappuccino, latte or latte macchiato, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite hot beverage, right at home. This stunning coffee machine will be a welcome addition to any Smeg kitchen, as it shares the same iconic design as other products in the retro collection. Pair it up with other Smeg appliances and add some 1950's glamour to your morning coffee.

Smeg Citrus Juicers

Citrus Juicers

Bursting with character, Smeg's Citrus Juicer is curved, stylish, and embraces their Italian heritage – this nation loves citrus fruits, which are grown in the sunny orchards of their perfect, southern climate. This appliance has been developed skilfully to juice all types of citrus fruits at home, from large grapefruits to small satsumas, removing pips, peel and pith effortlessly. The compact CJF01 will dispense every last drop of juice straight into your cup or glass, so you can make the most of glorious, refreshing juices every day.

Smeg Slow Juicers

Slow Juicers

Get the maximum nutritional value from fruits and vegetables with the Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer. Pop the fresh ingredients in with their nutrient-rich skins, and let the cold extraction Slow Squeezing Technology™ compress them gently at 43 RPM. This method locks the essential vitamins and minerals into your tasty beverage for an even healthier result. The juicer also comes with an easy-clean 500 ml BPA-free Tritan™ collection chamber to store your drink until you're ready to enjoy it.


Smeg Cooking


Smeg doesn't compromise on style or technology, and their stunning appliances are guaranteed to stand out. Every factor is considered throughout the design process, including ergonomics and functionality, making their appliances easy and enjoyable to use. Premium materials allow you to enjoy their products for years to come, with a design to suit every kitchen. You can choose from a wide range of appliances including built-in ovens, combi microwaves, and their iconic steam ovens and freestanding cookers, designed to bring together elegance, performance, usability and energy efficiency. Inspired by the Italian passion for food and cooking, the Smeg range has been made in Italy, with all cooking appliances offering optional pizza/baking stones. They can cook a stone baked pizza in just five minutes, or double up as a baking stone for casseroles and flatbreads, thanks to the intense heat.

Smeg Cookers


If you have a passion for cooking, then a Smeg cooker is a perfect choice, combining practicality, style, performance and energy efficiency. There's an iconic cooker suitable for any kitchen – 60 cm models if you're looking to save some space, through to 150 cm models that have a large double oven for family meals. You can also choose from aesthetic ranges such as Victoria, Opera, Symphony and Concert, which all offer a wide choice of finishes, layouts and hob tops.

Smeg Built-In Ovens

Built-In Ovens

Smeg has an extensive range of built-in ovens that offer top-of-the-range, flexible features – this results in excellent functionality and safety. They offer a breadth of aesthetic design choices and are manufactured from strong, easy-to-clean materials like stainless steel, glass and enamel. Electric models also offer multifunction and pyrolytic cleaning options, and simply plug into a standard 13 amp supply, making installation easy. Plus, with the option of gas, steam, microwave and combination ovens, Smeg has all your cooking needs covered. Aesthetic ranges include Linea, Classic, Victoria and Cucina.

Smeg Hobs


Choose from a vast range of stylish Smeg hobs, with cutting-edge technology. With models crafted from stainless steel, glass and cast iron (pan stands) to achieve a long lifespan. There's the option of gas, ceramic or induction models, coming in a range of sizes and finishes, you can easily find the perfect hob for your kitchen. You could even co-ordinate your hob with a built-in Smeg oven – pick a model with your preferred number of burners, and a layout to suit you. Giant cooking zones, high-performance burners, and near-vertical flames help to achieve brilliant cooking results.


Smeg Refrigeration


Smeg's stunning collection of fridges and freezers will keep your food and drink chilled to perfection. They have a model to suit every home, including American style side-by-side refrigerators, combined fridge-freezers, single and double door models, as well as built-in models. Whichever you choose, you're guaranteed the latest technology and highest performance, combined with high A+ and A++ energy ratings (using 25 % less energy than an A grade). To match their innovative expertise, Smeg's appliances offer stylish aesthetic appearances. Choose from minimalist side-by-side models with stainless steel, or embrace their more iconic 50's retro theme. Plus, thanks to fast-freezing technology, you can freeze all your fresh food in half the time, which will stay in the same condition as when you bought it.

Smeg Side by Side

Side by Side

Choose from American-style side-by-side models, available in double door, or Smeg's brand new "Multizone" four-door versions. These minimalist models will be the focal point in any kitchen, can store large quantities of food, and the designs are also space-conscious – ideal if you're short on kitchen storage. All of Smeg's side-by-side fridge freezers in this range are frost-free with a four-star rating, helping you to save time and energy.

Smeg Fridge Freezers

Fridge Freezers

Smeg fridge freezers offer an impressive combination of quality, style, design and capacity, without compromising on technology. Your food will be chilled safely and evenly, keeping it fresher for longer. The appliances come with the option of an ultra-modern look as well as Smeg's classic retro theme.

Smeg Fridges


Keep your food chilled in one of Smeg's stylish refrigerators. Grab everyone's attention with the bold, curvy lines of the 50's style retro range, or embrace the contemporary age with sophisticated stainless steel. What's more, all of these models boast great performance and energy efficiency, helping you to reduce your bills as well as helping the environment.

Smeg Freezers


Smeg offers a wide range of contemporary freezers. Every model promises energy efficiency and a practical, reliable design – all helping to save you time and money. Their built-in and freestanding models come with solid drawers that are built to last, offering plenty of storage space. Each freezer has been awarded a four-star rating, so your frozen goods will stay fresh, and you can also freeze high quantities of food rapidly.


Smeg Laundry


Smeg's washing machines and washer dryers are easy-to-use, delivering fantastic results. There's an appliance that's suitable for every household, thanks to varying drum capacities, a range of programmes and multiple functions – these tailored options will ensure your clothes are always clean. The Quick Wash programme is perfect for when you need your favourite top at short notice, and the Night programme lets you benefit from lower energy tariffs. Smeg will even save you time on the ironing with the Shirt cycle, helping you to minimise creases.

Smeg Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Our range of Smeg washing machines come in different sizes and can reach impressive load capacities. Each model has a variety of efficient programmes and cycles, to achieve high-quality results with every load. Advanced technology is combined with ease of use, incorporating intuitive controls and digital displays to read at a glance. Plus all machines have a minimum A grade energy rating. Their standard models are available in classic white and contemporary stainless steel, or, if you want to break the mould, why not choose a colourful 50's style look?

Smeg Built-in Washing Machines

Built-In Washing Machines

Our built-in Smeg washing machines and washer dryers come in a range of load capacities, up to 7 kg. The wide selection of programmes achieve outstanding cleaning results and are extremely efficient – many models even have a minimum A grade energy rating. All of Smeg's innovative technology is partnered with intuitive controls to make it easier than ever to do the laundry.

Smeg Tumble Dryers

Tumble Dryers

Tumble Dryers used to be a luxury, but as contemporary living evolves, Smeg are aware that they're becoming a necessity. They have a range of dryers available in different capacities – whether you're limited on space to air dry your clothes or just want to speed up drying times, there's a model for everyone. The whole range features automatic drying programmes, while selected models can even help you reduce creases. Some models also feature a special humidity sensor, which will test the load's moisture levels and cleverly calculate your optimum drying period. This will save you time and energy, using just the right amount of power to complete the cycle.

Smeg Washer Dryers

Washer dryers

If you're looking for a combined appliance, then a Smeg washer dryer will deliver you all-in-one, amazing results. They've even designed a model with varying washing and drying capacities. This appliance has an A grade energy efficiency rating, lowering your power consumption and helping you save the pennies, without compromising on results. The electronic humidity sensor will automatically tailor your laundry's dryness level (iron ready, wardrobe ready or extra dry), saving you further time and energy.


Smeg Dishwashing


There's a Smeg dishwasher to suit every kitchen – choose from built-in or free standing models, as well as different styles, sizes, and capacities. 45 cm models are great if you're short on space, or if you've got a full house, 60 cm models have 13-14 place settings – whichever you choose, you'll always get perfect results. They're extremely quiet too, with a choice of installation options.

It's easy to find a Smeg dishwasher to match your décor. You could choose a standard white, contemporary stainless steel, sophisticated black or even a retro 50's design. The unique orbital and shuttle wash systems ensure that the water is distributed evenly, so all your dishes will be sparkling clean. Plus, Smeg has used Aquastop technology to give you added peace of mind. To complete their extensive range, they offer horizontal, maxi height and automatic handle-less door machines.

Smeg Dishwashing


Smeg Built-in Dishwashing

Built-in Dishwashing