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Immerse yourself
in the moment.

Awaken your senses with a TV and audio
experience more lifelike than ever before.

Samsung Quantum dot TV

Experience a quantum leap in picture quality.

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Samsung Soundbar

Sound that comes alive from every direction.

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Wireless Audio 360

Sound all around you.

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Ultra HD Blu-ray

Experience the future of Blu-ray now.

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Samsung AddWash

Add to the wash during the wash.

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Samsung Refrigeration

Open the door to the ultimate flexible cooling.

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A Quantum leap
in picture quality.

Your home entertainment will be completely transformed by the Samsung Curved KS9000 SUHD Quantum dot TV with the smartest features on the planet. The screen resolution is a superior UHD premium standard with the addition of HDR 1000 capability, and 2400 PQI lets you experience your favourite films and shows in unbelievable colour, contrast and depth.

Ultra HD Premium.

Our new generation of UHD Premium TVs have an increased picture quality by better pixels. The colour and brightness of the imagery matches professionally mastered content which you can usually only experience at the cinema.

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Quantum dot

SUHD with Quantum dot display can produce over one billion shades of glorious colour. It can create an impressive 64 times more colour than conventional UHD TVs, and the vast spectrum will give every landscape and every character an unbelievably realistic quality. So get ready to be amazed.

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HDR 1000.

HDR 1000 makes the picture look incredibly life-like. Colours are brighter and shadows are applied to exactly the right areas, making the imagery as accurate and realistic as possible.

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SUHD Remastering Engine.

All your favourite programmes and films can be viewed in near HDR quality thanks to the SUHD Remastering Engine. It will upscale any content, so the picture can be displayed using more colours, with a wider contrast range.

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Bezel-less 360
degree design.

With no bulky frame bordering your TV screen, you can devote all your attention to your favourite show - exactly where it belongs. Plus, the bezel-less design will add a stunning, contemporary feel to your home.

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Awards: HDTV Test Highly Recommended Award (March, 2016), Trusted Reviews
Recommended Award (April, 2016) apply to UE55KS9000 SUHD TV. Which?
10th Anniversary Award and Which? Sound & Vision Brand of the Year (May, 2016).

3 clicks to your favourite content.

Samsung's new generation of smart TVs are guaranteed to keep the whole family amused. Whether that's watching the weekly soaps, blockbuster hits on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, or catching up on your favourite programmes - you'll never be short of entertainment. Flicking through all the entertainment apps** is quick and simple, and you can do it all without disrupting the programme you're watching. You can also access other sources on your Smart Hub home screen, like your Samsung Blu-ray player.

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Games console icons
Samsung console free gaming

Console-free gaming.

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A games console is no longer required to enjoy all the best video games. There's an abundance of built-in gaming apps from Playstation and Gamefly, just waiting to be downloaded. Now it’s easier than ever to get lost in your favourite gaming world.

Games console icons Games console icons Compatible controller required on most games.

**Apps shown may not be available on all Samsung Smart TV products. The Samsung Smart TV platform is used by Content Providers to make apps available. Content Providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop supporting them at any time. When new Samsung Smart TV products are launched, there may be a delay before the apps shown become available on those products.

**PlayStation Now app available on Samsung TV models from the K6400 and above.

Awards: Which? 10th Anniversary Award and Which? Sound & Vision Brand of the Year (May, 2016).

Samsung smart tv which icons

The more
sound experience.

Get ready to be immersed in sound thanks to the Samsung Curved Soundbar. The range has been developed in the innovative Audio lab in California, and they deliver rich high-quality audio. The curved design allows the sound to reach a wider area - so you’ll have the best possible sound experience, wherever you’re sitting.

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Raising the soundbar
with hi-res audio.

The HW-J8500R series is a must-have for any home entertainment system. Nine built-in speakers work simultaneously to produce audio like no other. The two side speakers at either end of the soundbar are devoted to the surround sound experience and the centre speaker concentrates on the speech, so you’ll never miss a crucial moment.

Unleash studio quality music
into your home.

Take advantage of the smart functionality, so that you can listen to your much-loved music playlists in any room. Wirelessly connect Samsung smart speakers to this soundbar, so the party never has to end. Hi-Res Audio playback allows you to listen to songs in amazing definition - the studio quality sound is even better than a CD. If you love to watch live music and festivals on TV**, you can create a 5.1 wireless surround system*, so you can feel like you’re in the heart of the action.

*soundbars with centre speaker only

The UK's most awarded Soundbars*.


Curved Soundbar


Curved Soundbar


Curved Soundbar


Curved Soundbar


Our most detailed and clearest sound

Compatible with the following TVs:

88” KS9800

78” KS9500, KS9000, KU6500


Curved Soundbar


The more immersive movie and music experience

Compatible with the following TVs:

65” KS9500, KS9000, KS7500, KU6510, KU6500

55” KS9500, KS9000, KS7500, KU6510, KU650

49” KS7500


Curved Soundbar


Great for
music lovers

Compatible with the following TVs:

49” KS9000, KU6510, KU6500

43” KS7500

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*Gorkana (within a set list of TV and AV media, Jan - Dec 2015).
**HW-J8500R/1 only.

Awards: Which? 10th Anniversary Award and Which? Sound & Vision Brand of the Year (May, 2016).

360 ° Sound. All around you.

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Experience the ultimate
in 360° sound.

The 360 speakers allow you to enjoy music wherever you are.
Add them to every room, to listen to your favourite songs
throughout the house. Or, choose a different playlist in each room. Plus,
it can be effortlessly controlled using a compatible phone, smart watch or tablet.

The art of 360° sound.

Icon range


  • Open Speaker Technology
  • State-of-the-art construction
  • Smart functionality & Hi-Res Audio
  • Integrated music sources
  • Samsung Eco System


  • Portable Open Speaker Technology & Built-in Battery
  • State-of-the-art construction
  • Smart functionality & Hi-res Audio
  • Integrated music sources
  • Samsung Eco System

Awards applies to: R7 and R6; AV Forums Highly Recommended award (December, 2015) and Which? Best Buy award (April, 2016). Awards applies to R7 only;
Home Cinema Choice Award (December, 2015) and Trusted Reviews recommended award (December, 2015).

Timeless 360° sound.

Classic range


  • 360° Sound & 5" woofer
  • Classic construction & Intuitive Control
  • Smart functionality & Hi-Res Audio
  • Integrated music sources
  • Samsung Eco System


  • Classic construction & Intuitive Control
  • Smart functionality & Hi-Res Audio
  • Integrated music sources
  • Samsung Eco System
  • SmartThings enabled


  • Classic construction & Intuitive Control
  • Smart functionality & Hi-Res Audio
  • Integrated music sources
  • Samsung Eco System
  • SmartThings enabled

Award applies to R5, R3 and R1; Which? Best Buy Award (December, 2015) and AV Forums Recommended award (December, 2015).
Award applies to R5 only; Trusted Reviews recommended award (December, 2015).

360° sound. All around you.

Hear your favourite songs like you've never heard them before, with Samsung's 360 Icon range. Open Speaker technology, combined with a carefully shaped design produces sound with perfect acoustics that is delivered seamlessly throughout the room. Its thoughtful design not only looks great, but it's also made from the best materials, so you can enjoy an amazing 360 degree sound experience.

The easiest way to access your favourite tracks.

Add 360 speakers to other rooms, so the party never has to stop. Play your favourite song throughout the house, or listen to different music in every room. To make it even better, you can control all the speakers using a compatible smart device.

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Discover new possibilities with Samsung

Experience the Future of Blu-ray now.

Samsung's Ultra HD Blu-ray player creates images in perfect resolution, colour, and brightness so you can enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. The 4K UHD Playback boasts four times the resolution of Full HD, enabling the picture to be so crisp and clear, you'll see every last detail.

If you upgrade to the Samsung UHD Blu-ray player, you don't have to worry about your movie collection becoming redundant. It's compatible with the greatest range of formats and can playback CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and even 4K UHD Blu-ray discs. With no Wi-Fi bandwidth restrictions, Ultra HD discs are played seamlessly, and in stunning picture quality.

Samsung blu-ray player

The easiest way
to enjoy UHD content.

There' s a wealth of UHD content waiting at your fingertips, with over 130 planned disc releases in 2016 alone. The picture quality is second to none. With no Wi-Fi bandwidth restrictions, you don't have to wait for your content to buffer, and the picture will always be in the highest possible quality.

Complimentary... The Martian UHD Blu-ray disc*

The most realistic and
accurate colours.

The UBD-K8500 is the perfect match for both Samsung UHD and FHD TVs. As the screen resolution of Ultra HD is four times more than FHD, they work together to provide you with breath-taking imagery; that's as realistic as it gets. It's ideal for large screen televisions, and if you pair up the UBD-K8500 with a compatible Samsung TV, BD Wise will ensure epic picture quality.

Samsung TV and blu-ray player

Enjoy the best picture
quality possible.

Samsung TV with best picture possible technology

Enjoy your film collection in cinematic quality with the UBD-K8500. Samsung's Picture Technology creates the same colours and brightness that you would see in a movie theatre. Watch your favourite characters spring to life as they are reproduced in crisp UHD resolution, which is quadruple that of Full HD. Plus, with 1.5 times more natural colours available than current Digital Cinema Standard, the picture will look amazingly realistic.

*In-box with every Samsung UBD-K8500 Blu-ray player purchased

Awards: HDTV Test Highly Recommended Award (March, 2016), Trusted Reviews Recommended Award (April, 2016) apply to UE55KS9000 SUHD TV. Which?
10th Anniversary Award and Which? Sound & Vision Brand of the Year (May, 2016).

    to the wash
during the

Introducing AddWash™, a whole
new approach to home laundry

Designed for
ultimate convenience

Realising you've forgotten to add something to the wash is always frustrating. During the cycle*, you can add clothes, laundry softener, or even delicate items for the final rinse, using the handy AddWash™ door.

Less time spent
on laundry.

An impressive 8kg drum capacity means you can get the most out of every load. Wash bundles of garments in one go with the Samsung WW8500; so you can spend less time doing the chores.

energy saving.

Samsung's ecobubble™ technology helps you to save money and the environment. You can set cooler wash temperatures as the air, water and detergent are specially mixed to produce bubbles that clean your clothes more efficiently.

Five year

Parts and labour are covered for five years**, so that you can carry on washing without a hitch.

View the Samsung AddWash™ range.

AddWash™ Add to the wash during the wash.*
ecobubble™ Innovative, cool wash technology to save money and the environment.
Bubble Soak Works hard to remove stubborn stains.
Digital Inverter Motor Durable performance and quiet, built to last.
Five Year Warranty Be confident in your appliance with parts and labour covered for five years**.

*AddWash™ door can be opened at any time when the drum temperature is below 50°C.

**Registration required within 90 days of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

Open the door
to the ultimate
flexible cooling.

Whether you need more fridge space for drinks, or extra freezer space for meat or deserts. This refrigerator can be adjusted to suit your family's needs.

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Plus Zone™

Control the temperature of the bottom right-hand compartment. Choose from fridge, chill (-1°C), soft freeze (-5°C), and freezer. So depending on your needs, you can set 100 litres of storage to the desired temperature.

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Plumbed Water
& Ice Dispenser.

The Water and Ice Dispenser is integrated into the outer door. Simply press the button to enjoy a thirst-quenching glass of chilled filtered water, with either cubed or crushed ice.

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Triple Cooling

The convertible CoolSelect Plus Zone™ coupled with precise temperature control, allows you to create and maintain the perfect humidity levels in your fridge and freezer. This will keep your food deliciously fresh.

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The wide-opening Multi-door design provides a flexible storage solution and allows you to reach all the compartments quickly and easily.

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5-year warranty.*

We offer an extra three years of warranty in addition to the standard two years, so you can be confident that your appliance will always be in perfect working order.

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*Terms and conditions apply