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Not Just a New TV. A Whole New Category of Television.

LG have combined the amazing contrast of OLED technology with the detail of 4K resolution for the best in visual entertainment, now in 4K HDR with Dolby Vision. If you're after the ultimate viewing experience, take a look at their range of LG OLED TV's 4K.

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Perfect Black

OLED technology allows for unparalleled contrast levels, with deep blacks enhancing night scenes and emphasising shadows. OLED TVs light each pixel independently, whereas, regular LED TVs use a backlight. This independent lighting allows the OLED TV to turn off a pixel completely, for a total absence of light and the darkest blacks you can get on a television today.

Perfect Colour

OLED televisions create the ideal balance between colour and contrast. With self-emitting pixels that create perfect blacks, the range and accuracy of other colours is enhanced. This generates an amazingly life-like image that you’ll have never seen before on TV.


Ultra HD 4K technology has a quadrupled amount of pixels compared to a Full HD television. With a higher screen resolution, the picture is recreated in incredible clarity and detail. This will make your favourite characters look extremely realistic, even when you view them at a closer angle. It works well with amazing colours produced by OLED technology, and will take your viewing experience to the next level.


4K HDR with Dolby Vision

Unlike other TV's, only OLED uses self-lighting pixel technology, delivering a never before seen standard of black and colour reproduction. This outstanding picture quality is enhanced to an unprecedented level with Dolby Vision HDR which leverages breakthrough colour processing technologies to give your picture an unrivalled level of depth and realism. Welcome to a brand new age of image reproduction.


Perfect Viewing Angle

LG have designed their range of OLED TVs to have wide viewing angles to ensure there’s no distortion when viewing the screen. A wide viewing angle means you can invite friends and family over for movie night and every seat gets a great visual experience.

Stunning Design

Looking for a revolutionary design to match flawless TV imagery? OLED’s stunning design is so thin and light that the screen can be bonded to a transparent pane of glass. With nothing to distract you from the screen, you will be truly immersed in the images.

Then, experience the next generation of audio-visual quality with a built-in soundbar. This delivers the very best front firing audio output, directly from your television stand. You’ll have the perfect picture and incredible audio, combined with a sleek design, for a breath-taking television experience.

*E6V Only

Sound Designed by harman/kardon

Are you worried your new TV will have lacklustre sound? Not with an LG OLED TV 4K.
A sophisticated speaker system by Harman/Kardon™ has been designed to accompany the
fantastic display for a complete entertainment package.

Smart TV webOS

Clever technology is great, but it also needs to be easy to use. LG's award winning Smart TV is user-friendly and intuitive, for a great user experience. It also offers a collection of catch-up TV services through Freeview Play, online browsing and streaming services to keep you entertained.

Services are subject to availability and may vary across products and platforms. Internet connection required.

The Ultimate Entertainment Package

Make a smart choice and take a look at LG’s award-winning Smart TV webOS. With Freeview Play built-in* a range of entertainment is accessible through live and on demand services. All this and more is easily accessible via the intelligent Magic Remote.

** Subject to coverage. Aerial upgrade may be required. A minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps is required to watch catch up and on demand services – this will count towards any monthly broadband data allowance. Only selected channels provide 7-day catch up.

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Why Smart TV?

The award winning LG Smart TV with Freeview Play* puts you in control of all the entertainment you want. Enjoy your favourite channels and catch up TV services, with no monthly subscription. It's the smarter way of watching live TV and on demand services. You need no other devices– and LG Smart TV can help you cut bills, as well as clutter.


LG take Smart TV entertainment to the next level, with the award-winning webOS platform. This simple and clever technology cuts through the complexities to present you with the best TV, such as movies, sport, music, or catch-up services. webOS lets you do all this quickly and easily on this user-friendly Smart TV, whether you want to find your favourite show, or play the latest game. Set up is quick and easy, with the option to focus on your favourite content. Take the leap to high quality and intuitive entertainment on your TV with LG.

Entertainment Services,
A World of Entertainment At Your Fingertips

Enjoy catch-up TV from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and Demand5, as well as movies and box sets on demand from Netflix, Amazon Video, NOW TV, Google Play and TalkTalk TV.

Stream live sports via Sky Sports on NOW TV, EuroSport, BBC Sport, access music from Spotify and Napster, and watch the latest videos on YouTube.*

*ITV Hub and All4 coming soon Summer 2016. Requires minimum internet connection of 2Mbps.

Start your TV With More Fun

Get the TV ready for viewing with Smart Setup – this will be stress-free and even enjoyable with Bean Bird.
It guides you through the basics and lets you create a personalised entertainment hub.
If you want to alter the screen whenever you turn on your TV, the Quick Setting function will make it a breeze.


For easy access to your entertainment, take advantage of the intelligent Launcher Bar at the bottom of the screen. When you keep going back to the same apps or want to quickly access connected devices, simply click on the Home button. This won't even interrupt what you’re watching at the time.*

*Services are subject to availability and may vary across products and platforms.

LG Content Store

A one stop shop for your entertainment.

Your search for new and exciting entertainment is over. Find everything you want to watch in the LG Content Store, the one-stop-shop for TV programs, on demand movies and box sets, apps and more.

4K Streaming

Enjoy fantastic content in superb Ultra HD.

There are some streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Instant, and Youtube that offer Ultra HD TV streaming. These can be used to the full with LG UHD Smart, which lets you watch your favourite films or TV series in 4K UHD - a staggering four times the resolution and detail compared to standard HD.

Magic Remote

Controlling your TV just got a whole lot easier with the Magic Remote*. You can use a range of hand gestures, and it can even recognise voice commands. Whether you want to find your favourite box set or launch the newest entertainment app, webOS will make it a whole lot easier.

Take a journey through the rich world of entertainment – just tell your remote what your favourite programme is, and it’ll find it without a hitch.

*Magic Remote included on selected models.

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The New Definition of LG UHD TV 4K

From the pixels to the pedestal LG SUPER UHD TV is the pinnacle of LCD television. An IPS 4K Quantum Display integrating a 10-bit panel generates a billion rich colours, producing bright, vibrant images that make everything else fade to grey. Evolutionary imagery is complemented by exceptional audio with sound engineered by Harman/Kardon™ delivered through a multi-channel speaker system. This blockbuster audio visual package features an ULTRA Slim design, dressed in a sleek metallic finish, supports HDR 4K with Dolby Vision, 4K resolution and the award winning Smart TV webOS.

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*Dolby Vision will be available via software update, which requires internet connection.

IPS 4K Quantum Display

Welcome to LG’s best LED picture yet. IPS Quantum Display and Colour Prime Plus technology produce even more colours and realistic shades, helping to bring TV to life. You won't find an image so vibrant and vivid from any other LED TV.

Billion Rich Colours

See your favourite colours in clear, crisp detail – more so than ever before.
Normally, accurate shades of reds, blues, and greens are really difficult for your TV to reproduce.
However, LG uses a 10 bit panel which increases the colour spectrum, unleashing over a billion
possible colours to make your images even more realistic.

ULTRA Luminance

ULTRA Luminance gives a better contrast range with local dimming technology.
Whether it’s darkening the scenes of your favourite thriller or brightening the skies
in a documentary, this TV takes contrast to a whole new level.

ULTRA HD 4K Resolution

Ultra HD 4k resolution reproduces images in a new light. This technology gives four times the number of pixels compared to Full HD, showing the picture in exquisite detail, even if you’re close to the screen.

4K HDR with Dolby Vision

HDR 4K with Dolby Vision supports both formats of high dynamic range content which means you will be able to see shows how they were intended to be seen by the director in the future, and now.

*Dolby Vision will be available via software update, which requires internet connection.


harman/kardon™ are the experts in audio engineering. They use sophisticated technology with years of experience behind them to deliver unbelievable sound experiences. With their speaker systems, you can enjoy cinematic quality from your front room.

Smart TV with webOS

The LG Smart TV webOS with Freeview Play* offers you a wealth of entertainment at the touch of a button. The amusement doesn’t end with catch up TV and the latest blockbuster films. You can also browse the web and access plenty of other apps, with no monthly cost or extra devices.

* Subject to coverage. Aerial upgrade may be required. A minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps is required to watch catch up and on
demand services – this will count towards any monthly broadband data allowance. Only selected channels provide 7-day catch up.