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Hoover Appliances

If you're looking for high-quality appliances, then look no further than Hoover. Their products are modern, reliable, practical and easy to use.

The state-of-the art Hoover range includes washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers,
dishwashers and refrigeration. Experienced engineers have added a new range of intelligent and
technologically advanced features which are ideal for busy lifestyles. They are sure to meet
your everyday needs not just in the present, but for the future as well.


Hoover Laundry Appliances

Hoover's washing machines, tumble dryers and washer
dryers offer a range of helpful features. They have developed
their laundry range to be intelligent, reliable and uncomplicated.
Technology isn't developed for technology's sake – instead,
practicality and ease of use are at the heart of their brand.

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Hoover Refrigeration Appliances

Every home needs a refrigeration appliance that stores fresh and frozen foods at the right temperatures. With Hoover, you're guaranteed years of experience and refrigeration products that combine style and innovation. Their aim is to make your life easier with as much flexibility as possible.

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Hoover Dishwashers

Hoover dishwashers have a sleek design, cutting edge technologies, and will look stylish in any kitchen. They have an A+ energy efficiency rating, and offer a large capacity from 12 to 16 place settings.

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Hoover Premier Collection Laundry
Hoover Laundry Range

Washing Machines

Hoover Washing Machine

Whether your family's laundry needs are large or small,
Hoover is sure to have the answer. Their washing machines
use modern technology and have a range of innovative
features to give you the perfect home laundry solution.

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Washer Dryers

Hoover Washer Dryer

Hoover's advanced washer dryers offer all the great features of a Hoover washing machine with the convenient addition of a dryer. For larger families there are large load capacity options, and like all other Hoover products, they're practical and easy-to-use.

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Tumble Dryers

Hoover Tumble Dryer

All the products in Hoover's tumble dryer range offer practicality, ease of use and sensor dry technology. This feature turns off the dryer automatically when it reaches the right dryness level. In many condenser dryers, you will also find a patented AquaVision water reservoir, which is expertly integrated into the dryer doors.

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Hoover Premier Collection Appliances
Hoover Refrigeration Appliances

Fridge Freezers

Hoover Fridge Freezer

Within Hoover's range of fridge freezers there is a model to suit all tastes and storage needs. You'll find a wide choice of colours, sizes and styles to create a statement in any household.

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Hoover Freezer

Hoover has a variety of freezers designed to meet all requirements. Whether you need a large capacity for your growing family, or an under counter model to fit into your kitchen, there will be a solution within the Hoover range.

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Hoover Fridge

All Hoover fridges are fully integrated, and will coordinate with the rest of your kitchen. They are designed to be efficient, while maintaining style and flexibility. Refrigeration features include strong, easy clean glass shelves as well as multipurpose door storage.

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Hoover Dishwasher Range


Hoover Dishwashers

Hoover's range of dishwashers make life that bit easier, with some managing up to 16 place settings in one wash. They also include rapid wash cycles of 24 minutes, a third basket, and an A energy rating.

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With a range of Dynamic 16 place setting dishwashers and Slimline 10 place setting models, Hoover has a dishwasher to suit all families' needs. All Hoover dishwashers are 'A+AA' rated for energy efficiency, wash and dry performance.

Hoover Video 16 Place Settings

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