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Bosch Laundry.

While we can’t save you from the laundry entirely, we can save you water, energy and time.

Our efficient new washing machines and tumble dryers have innovative features that make it easy to keep your clothes perfectly clean and in great condition.

A high-quality, reliable washing machine is essential for any family, so you’ll want to make sure you pick the perfect model. Discover more with the Bosch laundry range.

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Make the Laundry Fit Your Lifestyle

Choose a VarioPerfect washing machine and get more control over your laundry. Select the EcoPerfect option to use up to 66% less electricity**, or wash a full load in just an hour with the SpeedPerfect option. Both settings give a great performance, so you can be sure your clothes will come out clean.

** Easycare 40°C. Standard programme compared with SpeedPerfect option. EU label standard cotton 60°C programme with EcoPerfect option

Enjoy the quiet life

Ecosilence Drive™ is an advanced motor producing maximum efficiency, economy, durability and performance while operating at exceptionally low levels of noise. We’re so confident that will deliver a quiet revolution that it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Bosch Dishwashing.

If you’ve ever struggled to load a dishwasher, you’ll understand why we invented our VarioFlex basket system.

It provides more flexibility than other dishwashers, with four movable parts in the upper basket, four foldable racks and an adjustable Rackmatic™ system, which allows the upper basket to be moved up or down.
All this means you can fit in large cookware, plus all the plates, cutlery, mugs and glasses you need.

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Save water with ActiveWater™ Technology

ActiveWater™ technology can clean 13 place settings of dirty dishes with just 6.5 litres of water. That means you can wash up after a dinner party using less water than it would take to fill the sink. Amazing! These models also have an A++ energy rating, so you can save electricity too.

Save Time or Energy – the Choice is Yours

Our VarioPerfect dishwashers mean you can choose between Eco50 and VarioSpeed settings to get the wash done faster or more efficiently. Eco50 uses 39% less energy while the VarioSpeed programme washes a full load of dishes in just 90 minutes – 66% faster than a standard wash.**
Even better – both options still provide great cleaning performance.

** Energy consumption 237 kWh on Eco 50 programme compared to 364 kWh on Auto 65-75 programme on SMS88TW02G.

Bosch Refrigeration.

Bosch fridges and fridge freezers are designed to help keep food fresh.

Take our CrisperBox for example, this helps preserve fruit and veg, so it retains its taste and nutrients for longer. There’s even an integrated slider that allows you to control the humidity. A more humid environment helps keep salad leaves crisp while making it dryer keeps soft fruit at its best.

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Helping You Keep the Bills Down

Fridges, fridge freezers and freezers are some of the few appliances that run all the time. Not to worry though, the most efficient Bosch fridges have A+++ energy ratings and use half the power of an energy saving light bulb*.

* An energy saving light bulb uses 157kwh; the KSV36AW41G uses 75kwh per year.

Bosch Cooking.

Using the highest quality stainless steel and glass, our ovens and compact appliances combine beautifully to deliver a timeless, elegant and stylish finish to any kitchen with sleek, coordinated lines and matching panels.

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Bosch Hobs

Our range of hobs includes many gas and induction models, giving you a great combination of performance and style. These hobs are responsive and easy to use and built to our incredibly high standards.

Induction Hobs

If you want the latest technology, induction cooking is for you. These high-tech hobs create heat directly within the metal of the pan thanks to an electromagnetic field, this is astoundingly energy efficient, as well as providing near-instant heat.

Plug and Play

Some of our induction hobs are so easy to install that they come with a cable and standard 13 amp plug. Fix the hob in place, plug it in and you’re away.

Bosch Small Appliances.

Bosch has got it covered when it comes to designing high-quality small appliances.

Browse our selection and find the right appliance for your home - from kettles and toasters to steam irons and vacuum cleaners, Bosch has the latest technology to bring you outstanding results each and every time.

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Irons and Steam Generators

Make ironing a more enjoyable experience with a Bosch iron or steam generator. Smooth soleplates, advanced steam distribution and other clever features make these models incredibly easy to use, comfortable and reliable.

Keep your clothes looking pristine with a little help from Bosch.

Kettles and Toasters

If there’s one time of day when you want tasty food and a hot drink fast, it’s breakfast-time. Try a Bosch kettle, toaster, coffee machine or tea maker for designs that are incredibly practical and look great on your kitchen worktops.

Bosch Floorcare.

Whether you need to give the laminate floor a once over, or you need to get rid of stubborn pet hair, Bosch vacuum cleaners can do it all.

Each model is designed and tested to make sure cleaning is made as quick and simple as it should be, without compromising on great results.

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Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch vacuum cleaners are just as advanced as our other products. Take the Athlet for example – a light, cordless cleaner that picks up dust just as well as a 2400 watt model*. Whatever type of cleaner you need, be it bagged or bagless, you’ll find a Bosch model that delivers great performance every time.

* Dust pick-up in comparison to a 2400 W vacuum cleaner from Bosch (BGL32400GB) on carpet and hard floor with crevice. Tested according to EN 60312/2008

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