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Samsung Soundbars

Samsung soundbars are a fantastic option for those who want to invest in their audio, but don’t want speakers dotted all around the room. Soundbars can be positioned discreetly on your TV stand or on the wall, providing a clean, minimalist look.

Our Samsung models come in a range of colours and include curved designs to complement your TV.

Sound Quality

Enhance the audio of your TV by playing the soundtrack through a soundbar rather than its built-in speakers.

Models in our Samsung range allow you to enjoy high definition sound, nearly matching the quality of the music in a recording studio. Listen to music as it was meant to be heard.

Our multi-speaker soundbars provide crystal clear listening for vocals too. With a centre speaker devoted just to speech and singing, you’ll never miss a witty remark or vital piece of storyline again.

Surround Sound

The soundbars in our range have up to nine speakers built in, so you can enjoy fantastic surround sound from one device. The outermost speakers focus on increasing the range of the sound to immerse yourself in the audio experience.

Already invested in some Samsung speakers? For compatible models like the M series, you can connect these up with your new soundbar and take your audio enjoyment to a whole new level.


Like to feel the bass reverberate around the room? No problem. Our range of Samsung soundbars include models with separate subwoofers that create great depth of sound. Watch an explosion on screen and feel the shockwave of sound that accompanies it.

Some models allow for a wireless connection between the subwoofer and soundbar, letting you keep your living room clutter free.

Stylish Design

Samsung are well known for their attention to styling, and their gently curving soundbars are no different. The minimalist design looks modern and clean, and allows you to place the appliance on the wall or a TV stand.

The curve radius of some models matches Samsung’s range of curved TVs, allowing you to really set the look for your entertainment system.

Avoid trailing wires with our wireless models. Connect them to your TV via Bluetooth, your home internet, or – if you have a compatible Samsung TV – you can use SoundConnect.

All Your Music, Any Time

With wireless models available, you can easily access all your music at any time, from smart phones, tablets and more.

Some models can even be integrated into your existing Samsung sound system using features like Multi Room, letting you enjoy your music in any room in your house.

Take your audio experience to greater heights than ever before with Samsung soundbars. Explore the entire range today.

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Samsung Flat Soundbar


  • Product Model HW-K850
  • RMS Output Power 360 W
  • Wireless Speaker(s) Yes
  • Stock Type Agency
1 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
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