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HD Ready Televisions

With better picture quality and connectivity than Standard Definition TVs, our line of HD Ready models is perfect if you need to replace an older set. Improve your viewing experience, and take the step up to HD viewing today.

HD Ready vs Standard Definition

In the UK, most standard definition TVs display 576 horizontal lines to generate the picture. At a minimum of 720 lines, an HD Ready TV is capable of showing a denser, more detailed image. The result is sharper viewing with improved detail, image clarity and contrast.

An HD Ready TV can also display content at 720p or 1080i – offering a smoother viewing experience, less flickering, greater resolution and higher detail than standard definition TVs (at 576i).

If you’re looking for a larger TV to replace an older model, this increase in resolution could give you much clearer pictures.

TV in HD

An ‘HD Ready’ TV can display high definition images when connected to an external HD source. This could be from a paid subscription such as Sky TV, or from a subscription-free package such as Freesat HD or Freeview HD.

Better Connectivity

All HD Ready TVs must accept certain inputs, such as HDMI or DVI. Use these ports to connect HD devices and get the most out of your screen. Connect a Blu-Ray player to watch your favourite shows and films in HD quality, or even hook up your laptop/PC to use the screen as a larger monitor. With more ways to connect your devices, you’ll find plenty of uses for your HD Ready TV.

Make the step up to HD content today, and enjoy better picture quality. Select one of our HD Ready TVs for further details.

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