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Stand Mixers

Are you a budding baker, looking to impress your family and friends with a collection of fancy bread and puddings?

If so, these stand mixers are the perfect choice for the novice chef, or for the more advanced who’s looking to upgrade. If you’re struggling to knead or whisk, these models take away the hard work for you and let you focus on getting the flavours just right.

Professional Performance

Offering variable speeds and different settings, our range of stand mixers will give you full, precise control and over your baking. The planetary motion system will ensure an even mixture, to give you the best tasting biscuits, cakes and pies.

These mixers have also been built with safety and security in mind. Anti-slip feet will help to keep the appliances secure while they’re being used, and a lock will keep the mixer’s head in the correct position when not in use.

Plus, as they’re manufactured from premium quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, you can be sure that our stand mixers are built to last.

Beautiful Design

Finished in a range of stunning colours, these stand mixers are so much more than a piece of equipment. If you take pride in an elegant kitchen workspace, these stand mixers will soon become a feature piece in your kitchen.

Why not check out some other matching appliances? These stand mixers can be put alongside similar models to create a streamlined look in your kitchen.


The large bowls and choice of attachments (including a whisk, dough hook and flat beater), mean that you’ll be able to conquer any recipe, whether that’s whipping up a light buttercream, or kneading an airy dough for loaves of bread.

If you want to get started straightaway, our stand mixers even come with their own recipe books.

Take a look at our range of stand mixers below. You’ll be an up-and-coming baker in no time!

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KitchenAid Stand Mixer


Whether you’re preparing light, fluffy batters and sponges, or denser doughs for bread or puddings, this stand mixe...

  • Product Model 5K45SSB
  • Bowl Capacity 4.30 L
  • Input Voltage 230 V AC
  • Stock Type Agency
2 Year Guarantee
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