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Welcome to Euronics John Kerry & Sons Ltd in Stonehouse.

We supply:

  • Home Appliances
  • Sound & Vision
  • Small Domestic Appliances
  • Computing

Euronics John Kerry & Sons Ltd

9 Gloucester Road,
GL10 2NZ Tel: 01453824404

Website: http://www.jkerry.co.uk

About Euronics John Kerry & Sons Ltd

John Kerry And Sons have been established for well over 25 years and have gained a reputation for good honest advice from our trained, knowledgeable staff coupled with competitive pricing. We are specialists in sales and service of all domestic appliances. Our shop showcases a large and diverse amount of appliances for our customers to choose from including both built- in and freestanding products. We do sell brown goods through Euronics as well!

Euronics John Kerry & Sons Ltd

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How to find us...

We are located on Gloucester Road, opposite filling station  by Railway bridge

We deliver to...

We offer Quick delivery - and even same day local delivery where possible. Installation of product and removal services is available. Please enquire in store for full details. 

Within 15 mile radius of Stonehouse Gloucestershire

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Euronics John Kerry & Sons Ltd feedback

John Kerry's team stepped up to the mark when our freezer failed late evening. Rang at 9.00am today, freezer in stock, squeezed onto already loaded truck and delivered to our house by 9.40 am. Brilliant service all the way through, can't beat it. Thank you very much boys, excellent

Graham Nulty 13 Oct 2016

MADAM – I’ll be honest, I don’t have much faith in the human race, so it’s always heartening to read letters in the SNJ from readers expressing their thanks to complete strangers who have gone out of their way to offer them assistance. A similar thing happened to me recently when my fridge-freezer packed up unexpectedly. Sadly, nowadays, as many of your readers will know, when white goods break down, a repair will cost the same as, or more than, a replacement. With this in mind, I was just about to jump into my car and drive down to John Lewis to buy a new one, when one of my colleagues suggested I visit John Kerry and Sons in Stonehouse as an alternative. So I did. I looked around their showroom and was just about to buy a new appliance when I just happened to mention what had gone wrong with my existing one. To my surprise, bearing in mind I was just about to sign on the dotted line, rather than just finish the sale, Jonathan, who was serving me at the time, suggested I hold fire and instead go home and try out a technique which could fix it. Furthermore, after I asked to buy a small fridge as a temporary measure, he even gave me a small fridge on loan for just £10 for as long as I needed it. I attempted the suggested fix over the weekend but alas it didn’t work, so was ultimately back in their store on the Monday to buy a new fridge-freezer. It may have cost a few hundred pounds, but the price was just as good as if I’d gone elsewhere, even online, and the excellent and honest service I’d received from them, when anyone else would have more than likely had pounds signs in their eyes rather than being genuinely concerned for their customer, really made a difference. In a ‘me, me, me’ world in which so many people are obsessed with greed and gain and in which aggressive selling is almost glorified, the service I received at this local family store really did make me stop for a moment and think that there really are some genuinely decent people still out there. So I suppose all that’s left for this self-confessed pessimist to admit is that there’s still hope when there are genuine, honest and decent people around. Kam Mistry, Ebley

Kam Mistry 15 Jan 2014
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