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LEC Freezers

Our Lec freezers offer a great mix of styles and sizes, all designed and built with quality and value in mind. Keep all your frozen produce at the perfect temperature to lock in nutrients and taste, thanks to Lec’s engineering expertise.

Tall or Short

Whatever your freezing requirements, our Lec range has the right model for you. Pick an undercounter model that fits perfectly under your worktops for an unobtrusive look. Or if you need more freezing capacity, try a tall freezer, offering 157 litres of space for all your frozen goodies.

Freestanding or Built In

Prefer not to see your appliances? Lec built-in and integrated freezers can be placed under counters and have a kitchen door attached to the front, allowing for a seamless finish.

Freestanding models give you great flexibility over where you position them, while still looking fantastic.

Our Lec range includes both types – find your perfect match here.

Efficient to Run

All our Lec freezers have been awarded a fantastic A+ energy efficiency rating. This means they’re gentle on the environment and easy on your wallet, costing you less to run that lower rated models.

Filled with Fantastic Features

Our Lec freezers are equipped with a fantastic array of features to keep everything perfectly frozen. With four star freezer ratings, the highest available, Lec freezers let you keep produce at temperatures at or below -18 Celsius, for up to a year.

Power failure protection is a feature of some models and can be a huge benefit, especially if you live in an area where blackouts are common. This keeps you food frozen and safe to eat for a time, by maintaining the internal temperature.

Want to position the appliance against a wall, but worried about door access? Pick a Lec freezer with a reversible door, letting you attach hinges to whichever side is most convenient for you.

Some models also feature anti-bacterial seals for easier cleaning and better hygiene, and levelling legs help compensate on uneven floor surfaces.

Annoyed by the traditional freezer hum? Try the TU55144W, which runs at only 42 dB. This is one model that won’t disturb your evening.

If you’re after a freezer with great features and high build quality, look no further than Lec. Shop the full range now.
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Lec Undercounter Freezer


Lec products are renowned for their high quality. The U5010W is a great freezer, designed to be compact and practica...

  • Product Model U5010
  • Net Total Capacity 70 L
  • Cooling Type Manual Defrost
  • Stock Type Agency
3 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
Lec Undercounter Freezer


Take a look at this amazing under counter freezer from esteemed manufacturer LEC. If you need a little extra storage fo...

  • Product Model U5511
  • Net Total Capacity 83 L
  • Cooling Type Manual Defrost
  • Stock Type Agency
3 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
Lec Undercounter Freezer


This freestanding undercounter freezer from Lec is compact and practical. Despite its smaller stature, the U6014W boast...

  • Product Model U6014
  • Net Total Capacity 93 L
  • Gross Total Capacity 103 L
  • Stock Type Agency
3 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
Lec Tall Freezer


There’s plenty of space for all your frozen foods in this tall freestanding freezer. Lec’s TU55144W is a room...

  • Product Model TU55144W
  • Packaged Quantity 1
  • Net Total Capacity 157 L
  • Stock Type Agency
3 Year Warranty
Free Delivery

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