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Beko Washing Machines

Beko washing machines offer reliable washing performance, time and again. Built-in, integrated and freestanding models in a range of great sizes are available here. These competitively priced appliances are sure to impress.

Styles and Sizes

Pick a freestanding Beko washer for complete flexibility for positioning. Whether you want it in the kitchen, a utility room or somewhere else, this design is just what you need.

If you want your appliances to be as unobtrusive as possible, try a built-in or integrated model. Create a seamless finish by attaching a matching kitchen unit door to the washing machine, hiding it out of sight until you need it.

Our Beko washing machines are available in a range of popular drum sizes: 6 kg, 7 kg and 8 kg. Smaller models are ideal for couples while larger capacities can comfortably accommodate family loads.

Efficient to Run

Choosing a Beko washing machine can help reduce your utility bills and impact on the environment, as their range have some incredibly efficient models. Our Beko line are all A+ efficiency rated or higher, saving you money on your bills compared to lower rated models.

A Programme for Any Job

The Beko range features programmes and settings that are ideally suited for any laundry task. Material specific settings ensure untoward damage and shrinkage is avoided, and quick wash cycles are perfect when you’re in a rush.

An Xpress Super Short cycle is available on some models, and delivers a 2 kg wash in only 14 minutes – perfect for those forgotten items you need in a hurry.

You can also customise spin speeds and temperatures, giving you even greater flexibility in your washing cycles.

Helpful Extras

Beko have added some handy finishing touches to their washing machines, like the handy timer delay available on many models. This lets you schedule your washing, so it runs and finishes when most convenient for you.

Programme Process Indicator lights and LCD displays are other features to look out for. These tell you how far through a cycle your washing machine is, which can help you manage your time more effectively.

Discover our full range of Beko washing machines today.
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Beko 1200 Spin 6kg Washing Machine


For smaller households, this Beko washing machine is perfect. It’s affordable and energy efficient, with all th...

  • Product Model WMC126W
  • Washing Load 6 kg
  • Time Delay 9 Hour
  • Stock Type Agency
1 Year Guarantee
Free Delivery
Exclusive - You won't find this great product anywhere else!
Beko 1200 Spin 8kg Washing Machine


The Beko WMC1282W is a great performing washing machine that will save you money while leaving your laundry fresh an...

  • Product Model WMC1282W
  • Number of Modes 15
  • Program Type Cotton Cycle, Synthetic Cycle, Cotton Eco, Quick Wash Cycle, Hand-wash Cycle, Wool Cycle, Darks Cycle, Mixed Fabric Cycle
  • Stock Type Agency
1 Year Guarantee
Free Delivery
Exclusive - You won't find this great product anywhere else!
Beko Built In 1400 Spin 7kg Washing Machine


The Beko WMI71441 washing machine takes the hard work out of doing your laundry. Take a look at its great features an...

  • Product Model WMI71441
  • Loading Type Front Loading
  • Washing Load 7 kg
  • Stock Type Agency
2 Year Guarantee
Free Delivery
Exclusive - You won't find this great product anywhere else!
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