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Bosch Tumble Dryers

Having problems getting all your laundry dry when you need it? Try one of our fantastic Bosch tumble dryers and enjoy perfectly dry washing, quickly and easily.

All these models have the quality you’d expect from Bosch, and some even have sensor drying modes, helping to save you time and energy.

Vented or Condenser

Our Bosch tumble dryers come in two main types – condenser and vented.

Vented tumble dryers work by extracting the warm, damp air inside the drum and expelling it outside your home using a hose. The appliance has to be positioned next to an exterior wall or window, but this sort of dryer can be cheaper to run. 

Condensing models work by removing all the moisture in the drum and gathering it in a container, which you can empty once the cycle has finished. The benefit with these is that you can position them wherever is most convenient in your home.

Whichever type you prefer, our range of Bosch tumble dryers has the right appliance for you.

A Perfect Size

Our Bosch dryers also come in a range of sizes, with drum capacities of 6 kg to 8 kg. The lower capacity drums are perfect for smaller households and can be more economical too, while larger capacities are ideal for bigger families that generate mountains of damp washing.

A Setting for any Occasion

Bosch have equipped their tumble dryers with an impressive range of programmes and settings to provide perfectly dry clothes every time. This includes sensor settings that detect when your clothes are dry.

Washing tricky materials? Just select the appropriate setting on your new dryer, such as woollens, to avoid any shrinkage disasters.

The range also features settings for shirts, sportswear, delicates and jeans, so you’ll always have the right cycle for your load.

Need things in a hurry? Fast cycles like the Super Quick 40 are ideal for whizzing through a load when time is tight.

Explore our range of Bosch tumble dryers and find your new appliance today.
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Bosch 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer


This white Bosch tumble dryer has a 7 kg capacity, which is ideal for large families who need to dry bulkier items onc...

  • Product Model WTE84106GB
  • Drying Technology Condenser
  • Number of Modes 9
  • Stock Type Agency
2 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
Bosch 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer


This freestanding condenser tumble dryer from Bosch makes a great addition to any home. It is available in white, wit...

  • Product Series 4
  • Product Model WTN83200GB
  • Drying Technology Condenser
  • Stock Type Agency
2 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
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