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Energy efficient tumble and washer dryers that keep on performing.
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Siemens presents:</span> iSensoric Sensor-controlled technology for perfect laundry care.

i-Dos is the world's first self-dosing washing machine. You simply fill your detergent drawer once a month and i-Dos will work out exactly how much detergent and softener you need for each wash, giving your clothes the perfect clean at the push of a button.

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Greener products, cleaner planet

Siemens washing machines are extremely efficient, automatically adapting the wash time and energy consumption to the amount of laundry in the machine. Leading the way is the i-Dos washing machine, which eliminates overdosing, cuts longer wash cycles and reduces unnecessary rinsing. All this saves water, time and energy. Our machines care for your clothes, while saving you money.

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Greener products, cleaner planet

i-Dos automatically measures the exact amount of detergent and softener required for your wash loads. Sensors determine the weight of the laundry and the selected programme, meaning i-Dos not only saves liquid detergent, but makes sure your clothes are washed perfectly. i-Dos holds around 20 washes worth of liquid, so you wonÕt have to top it up every time. Simply place your washing into the drum, select your desired programme and relax.

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Greener products, cleaner planet

Hassle free laundry is perfectly calculated with autoStain. Wash settings are automatically optimised to remove 16 different types of stain, from coffee to cosmetics. Simply select the type of stain and the machine tailors the wash to create the perfect balance between drum action, water level, wash time and temperature, leaving you to get on with the rest of your day.

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2 Year Warranty

2 years, for complete piece of mind, all Siemens appliances come with a free 2-year guarantee as STANDARD.

5 Year Warranty

A free 5-year guarantee is available on selected freestanding models in the Siemens range.

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